Gabor Haraszty  (code name ALBERT)
(also Gabor Haraszti, Gabriel Haraszthy)

Gabor Haraszty, head agent of SIS in
World War II Budapest, was the man in
charge of the mysterious
Swedish Gold.

Young Hungarian lawyer of Jewish origin who
became British intelligence officer during World
War II. Best friend of
Karoly Schandl. Head of
key anti-Nazi resistance group in Hungary.
Had contact/ worked with the Dutch and Polish underground,
Colonel Howie, Zionists, as well
as the Swedes and Raoul Wallenberg.
ALBERT operations were in fact linked to the Zionists' CHICKEN (Jewish rescue) operations - as first reported in "
The London-Budapest Game."
Gabor was chosen to deliver a letter of surrender from Hungarian Prime Minister Kallay to Winston Churchill
in 1944. As per previously top secret Foreign Office documents, Gabor was arrested by the Soviets, who refused to release him. He was believed to have been killed by the NKVD circa 1945.His good friend
Karoly Schandl was secretly imprisoned by SMERSH.


The London-Budapest Game (2007)

(NEW) Swedish Gold (2011)
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