Karoly Schandl Jr.

NEW: Schandl's secret letters to the brother
of Gerrit Van der Waals are included in the
third book by his daughter,
Swedish Gold

Young Hungarian lawyer, son of Hungarian statesman, and best friend of Gabor Haraszty. Was recruited to work for British intelligence by "Dubreuil." Later operated with
Gabor Haraszty, (head agent of SIS in Budapest) RAF Reginald Barratt, and Klement.

Hid Jewish friend and also agreed to hide British agent
in his home, among other activites.

While working for British underground in Hungary in December 1944, was arrested by NKVD/SMERSH, along with
Gerrit Van der Waals. Secretly imprisoned
by Soviets for over 11 years, in Lubyanka, Lefortovo, Vladimir prisons. Had some contact in Lubyanka prison with Raoul Wallenberg, who had been his neighbour
in Budapest. Spent time in Vladimir prison when
Frank Kelly was there ...


The London-Budapest Game (2007)

Swedish Gold (2011)
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