British-Hungarian Underground in Word War II
British Intelligence in Hungary

The group Karoly Schandl operated in was
led by his best friend Gabor Haraszty, a.k.a British
agent ALBERT, head agent of SIS in Budapest. The group of friends gathered military intelligence for the Allies concerning airfields, oil refineries, targets, etc, in addition to helping allied prisoners-of-war, downed airmen escape (via the Tito partisans), and providing false documents for those who needed to escape Nazi persecution. Activities were coordinated with the Dutch underground in Hungary. The brave men of the network included
Gabor Haraszty (Haraszti), Karoly Schandl,
Reginald Barratt and Tibor/Louis Klement(Clement)
on the British side, and
Edward Van Hootegem,
Gerrit Van der Waals, as well as other officers on the Dutch side.

At a secret meeting arranged by
Dorothy Lengyel,
Gabor Haraszty was put in charge of the mysterious
Swedish Gold.

Haraszty's contacts were numerous and varied from
Colonel Charles Telfer Howie and high ranking Hungarian politicians to the Polish Underground and Palestinian Jewish parachutists, including Reuven DafniPeretz (Perez) Goldstein, Hannah SeneshYoel (Joel) Palgi ...

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