Gerrit Van der Waals

NEW: Gerrit Van der Waals had close ties to the
men involved with the mysterious
Swedish Gold.

Gerrit (Gerit) Van der Waals was a fair-haired
young Dutch officer known for his numerous
contacts in Budapest. Lt. Van der Waals not only
functioned at times as a British courier, but also
worked for Raoul Wallenberg, making false IDís.
Arrested and imprisoned with
Karoly Schandl by
the NKVD/SMERSH in December 1944, Gerrit
Van der Waals did not survive his Soviet captivity.
Both he and Karoly Schandl had been ordered by the British to report to the Russians, though in later years,
Whitehall did not seem willing to acknowledge
this fact. Karoly Schandl, however, survived to
tell what really happened  ...


The London-Budapest Game (2007)

Swedish Gold (2011)
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