Louis Clement (Louis Klement),
a.k.a. Tibor Clement
(Tibor Klement)

NEW: Clement (Klement) was connected to
the mysterious
Swedish Gold

Hungarian-born British officer of the Special Operations Executive. From 1941-1945, he was a British agent in Hungary. Both Clement and
Reginald Barratt were known visitors to Karoly Schandl's home, which was next to Raoul Wallenberg's Swedish embassy. Clement served as W/T operator for the only network of the British Intelligence Service in 1944 Budapest.
He was arrested by NKVD/SMERSH (as "Tibor Klement") in 1945 and transported to Soviet prisons,
from which the British Foreign Office was unable to obtain his release, despite their attempts and "high level negotiations."  Clement was secretly imprisoned next to Karoly Schandl. Even today, for reasons unknown,
his date of death is incorrectly listed on a U.K. War Memorial ...


The London-Budapest Game (2007)

Swedish Gold (2011)
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