Reginald Barratt

NEW: Reginald Barratt was connected to the
Swedish Gold.

Reginald Barratt was a RAF officer who worked in the British underground in World War II Hungary, in the same group as
Gabor Haraszty, Karoly Schandl.and Klement. Together with Klement, Barratt was a known and documented visitor to Karoly Schandl's home,
which was located next to Raoul Wallenberg's Swedish embassy. Reginald was arrested by NKVD December 1944, and reportedly killed after being moved several times. Barratt, Schandl, Klement, and Haraszty were
all considered "British agents." 
Schandl survived
to tell of his brutal imprisonment by SMERSH.

Note: In 1947, the British Foreign Office admitted
that Reginald Barratt had indeed been a British agent in 1944 Budapest and had been "under the direction
of British Military Authorities" until his arrest by
the Russians in Hungary.


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